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Celebrity Dogs - Dirt


MEET DIRT, Northern Virginia Magazine’s Canine Columnist!

My name is Dirt, and I had a “ruff” start in life. I was found on a street near Atlanta, Georgia in 2003 with severe injuries. Both of my rear legs were broken as well as my hips and pelvis. I had about 12 fractures in all. A nice person found me and drove me to a nearby animal hospital.

The orthopedist saw my x-rays before he met me, and recommended euthanasia, saying I would never walk again! Fortunately, a nice vet tech brought me into his office and showed him that I could get around just fine by balancing on my front legs and scooting my back end around after. Thankfully, that convinced him to give me a second chance. Unfortunately, my injuries were over a month old, so surgery wasn’t an option. I was so thin then, and almost bald due to an itchy skin infection. I sure didn’t feel or look like very good.

Luckily, Southeastern Pug Rescue took me in, and listed me for adoption on their “special needs” web page. I thought it was very nice of them to think I was special---they hardly knew me! Have you heard of finding love on the internet? My mom fell in love with me when she saw my picture on the web. She and my new dad drove all the way to Atlanta to pick me up. She held me on her lap the whole way home even though I was stinky, flakey, and had no hair. Life was looking better, even if I was not.

Although one of my rear legs healed pretty well, my other rear leg had to be amputated. Now, I not only walk, but I run! I thoroughly enjoy my current life style, but it’s important to always remember where you came from.

Here’s my current bio:

Full Name: Dirt Turtle Heart Crawford

Birth Date: October 1st, 2003. That makes me a Libra

Education: Street smarts

Personal Style: Urban Chic and Country Smart (depending on the occasion)

Favorite Toy: Socks

Favorite “Extra Special” Snacks: dried organic pineapple and smoked Gouda cheese cubes with a water cracker. Good food equals good life!

Favorite Rainy Day Activity: watching TV—I love suspense movies, and amuse the humans when I lean on the edge of the sofa during suspenseful scenes. Reality TV is out.

My Favorite Causes: Stopping Animal Cruelty & handicapped pet parking

Now you know me!



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