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Doggie walking rates

# of Doggies Standard Visits
20-30 min each
1 Doggie $19.99 per walk
2 Doggies $22.99 per walk
3+ Doggies add $3.99 per dog

3 or more dogs will require a 45-min visit. No mini visits - please call for rate

Our Casual Pups billing option is perfect for clients with unpredictable schedules. Clients are billed in a 4 week bill cycle like our Power Pups clients, but the rates are not flat. Clients pay only for the walks they receive as long as they cancel with 24 hours notice.

How do I cancel or change my walk?
The only way to cancel or change your walk is to call or email the Doggie Walkers office. Requests made via a note, or made by calling walkers directly, are not honored. This policy ensures that we bill you correctly!

VA Office: 703-757-WALK
MD Office: 301-986-WALK
DC Office: 202-331-WALK
Email: Use our on-line form.
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